Preconstruction Project Services

During Preconstruction, We Use Our Experience and Imagination.

That is How We Find the Best Ways to Bring Real Value to Our Clients’ Projects. 

preconstruction planning

During preconstruction, our team will first establish the scope of your project, identify your quality requirements, and then provide different options to help define an approach that will best fit your specific budget.  

Next, we will establish a schedule to give you an understanding of the time frames and phasing required. If  desired, we can also provide 3D modeling to help you visualize the concept and design of the project.

We also offer the option of modular prefabrication; this option delivers coordinated models that are translated pre-built multi-trade racks that decrease on-site construction time.

Once pre-construction is complete, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the project from beginning to end.  This will help avoid unexpected added costs and project delays.

These are the components of work we execute for our client during preconstruction: