Gas Piping Services By State Certified AST/UST Installation Teams

Butters-Fetting offers complete installation, renovation, and  service for a variety of gas related piping projects. 

We are accustomed to working with:

We have years of experience in both aboveground storage tank “AST” and underground storage tank “UST” installation. Whatever your need, we have it covered.

Many propane systems require annual pressure testing to confirm the system is free of leaks and safe to operate, we are here to make sure you are operating safely. We can properly install, test, and certify your system. 

Butters-Fetting has the knowledge and capability to add aviation fuel pit hydrants for refueling airplanes. This includes all horizontal piping back to the main, proper sequence of attaching to mains, and complete installation of fiberglass pits to precise elevations for housing aviation fuel hydrant valves.

Safety Measures In Every Action Gives Each Client Great Satisfaction