Building Automation – Temperature Control

Butters Fetting Takes Building Automation to the Top

temperature controls panel

Experience makes the difference. A well implemented Building Automation System (BAS) with temperature controls is key to improving operating costs. It also keeps people who regularly use or visit the building comfortable and safe.

With the help of a building automation system, HVAC, and electrical systems are run more efficiently. This reduces energy consumption and utility bills.

No matter if you are in an office, a store, or a factory floor; improved comfort is an essential element of daily experience. This increases productivity and user satisfaction.

Data collection has been a major improvement to BAS systems as well. A vast base of information can be analyzed in real time or offline to search for meaningful patterns in all relevant management dimensions.

Butters-Fetting’s team specializes in all aspects of building automation and temperature controls. This includes design build, installation of new systems, and upgrading existing or obsolete systems. We work in Johnson FX, Tridium Niagara, Prolon, Honeywell, Metasys, and more.

Our experience ensures we provide accurate budgets and provide any necessary assistance in the design of these systems.

BAS and Temperature Controls: Giving You Digital Control of Your Spaces