Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Improve planning, visualization, collaboration and communication with BIM.

Butters-Fetting has been an advocate of Building Information Modeling (BIM) since its early days.

bim building information modeling

The benefits BIM (or building information modeling) brings to construction projects are endless. In the planning stage of a project, BIM improves a team’s understanding by providing visualization prior to construction and model-based estimation. This mitigates overall project risk and rework. Also, 3D modeling also gives an owner a chance to review and alter their project’s scope. That way, we can build exactly what they envision without unplanned exceptions or modifications. The most cost effective way to build a building is to build it once and build it right.

In the execution stage of a project, team members experience improved onsite collaboration helping the project to move faster. Then, prefabrication of key project elements can be executed in a fully controlled approach. Lastly, coordination utilizing clash detection, along with accurate schedule projections improve worksite coordination and assure on-time project completion.

Common steps our BIM team undertakes at inception of a BIM project:

Visualization brings customer plans into focus.