Facility Support Services

Highly qualified mechanics are the cornerstone of our total support mechanical services.

Butter-Fetting facility support team is comprised of a very diverse group of professionals specializing in different specialties. Each individual is highly trained in their specific trade and brings years of practical experience to the job. Our amazing mechanics make it possible for us to offer clients the full gamut of mechanical services required to take care of any facility. It also provides them an arsenal of experts to pull from depending on the challenge which saves money on full time staff. 

24/7/365 service is available on demand for HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, and electrical services, the most common categories of emergency service requests. We also often partner with maintenance departments to help supplement their staff as needed.

Every building has its own characteristics and requires a learning curve for those responsible for its proper continued operation. For this reason, customers with repeat or scheduled support requirements are assigned the same mechanic who knows your building inside and out. This avoids the necessity of relearning about your unique operation.  

Having a one stop shop for maintaining and repairing mechanical systems is a real time and effort saver. The multi mechanical trade support Butters-Fetting offers means clients can explain their needs, requirements, and common practices once rather than doing it for multiple vendors. 

We empower Customer Support Representatives not only to respond only to requests, but to assist customers in resolving issues with additional resources. They can assist facility managers in many ways, such as providing professional engineering support if needed. If your building needs it, we can help.

facility support

We’ll keep your facility’s systems running just right so you can sleep well every night.