Municipal Water and Wastewater

When there is no time to waste…

Butter’s-Fetting Company offers a wide range of services for municipal water and waste water treatment plants. With a team dedicated to wastewater, you can be sure our team understands the proper protocols, knows the importance of maintaining a shutdown deadline, and bringing your system online as quick as possible because the city never sleeps.

Around since 1924, we have extensive experience working with cement lined pipes, glass lined pipes, ductile iron, and high density polyethylene pipes. Having a team with the knowhow to properly install these systems ensures that your facility is up and running properly in record time.

Municipal water and wastewater plants are specialized system with one-of-a-kind components, we are skilled in refurbishments and are able to coordinate refurbishment projects from start to finish.

Safety is always number one in our world, but this only rings more true in wastewater. Therefore, we are prudent in our air monitoring, rigging, safety protocols, and communication practices. We understand that these facilities have unique challenges from confined spaces to underground tunnels and we are trained and up to the challenge.

Equipment we install and service include but are not limited to:

municipal water and wastewater

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